Benjamin Evans occupation: professor of music, doctoral level

Benjamin Evans is Jon's best friend and confidant. There's nothing he doesn't tell Ben, usually. Ben is a professor of music at the Royal Academy of Music, at the doctoral level. Ben plays strings (cello, formerly violin) in the London Symphony Orchestra and is now preparing to conduct Jon's first symphony. Benjamin is dating Nora Lee, whom he chased around Europe for years before finally earning her affections in 2018. The two have been on and off, now finally forever "on" as of October 2020. There is nothing Benjamin won't do for the people he loves, especially Jon and Nora, and now Amelia. Ben is a selfless person with a bit of a temper, but never to be malicious. When someone hurts his loved ones, he reacts.

Tristan Lewis credits: atticus

Tristan Lewis is Jon's ex-boyfriend and his only other "real" love besides Amelia. Tristan is a poet that writes under the pen name Cathedrals and makes no money off his work, despite his enormous online following and several self published works. The majority of his poetry is based on watching his younger sister fall in love time and time again with reckless abandon. Several of his works are about Jon. Tristan grew up extremely poor and has social climbed his way to some level of status, enough to catch Jon's eye in 2016, and again when they actually spoke for the first time in 2017 at a mansion party. Tristan is not a con artist or a grifter. He currently runs The Cloak Room, a speakeasy in London owned by a millionaire who hired him to manage the place because of his good looks and faked social status. Tristan is also a visual artist in his spare time.

Gabriel Hammond CBE occupation: baptist pastor, retired clark automotive executive

Jonathan, Noah, and Jacob's father. Worked almost 30 years as an high level executive at Clark Automotive while leading a baptist church every Sunday. Now retired and devoted full time to his pastoral work and his paritioners. Gabriel is a dedicated father to his sons and was a loving, devoted husband to his wife Stella until she passed of Alzheimer's in 2017. Since her death, Gabriel has grieved quietly and has become a more quiet, stoic man. He is loving and accepting of all people in his church, and only wants the best for his family and paritioners. Gabriel is also a doting grandfather to Adeline Isabel, his nine year old granddaughter. Gabriel received knighthood in the early 2000s for his dedication to the church. He does not use "Sir" as clergy are not allowed to do so.

Sir Noah Logan James Clark Hammond CH CBE occupation: chef and restaurateur

Jon's identical twin. When not dealing with the same complications of Cystic Fibrosis as Jon, Noah is a successful chef and restaurant owner. Le Cordon Bleu Paris educated, Noah currently owns one restaurant, but has successfully established and sold several others to make his own small fortune. Recently divorced after being married for ten years, Noah has no children and doesn't want any. Like his brother, Noah received knighthood on the basis of his monetary contribution to Alzheimer's research as well as his contribution to the arts in the form of culinary excellence.

Candy Brooke credits: lana del rey

Candy Brooke aka Candy Hammond aka Sophie Rose is Jon's ex-wife and a b-list pop star. Most of her songs are written from journals, many about Jon himself. Candy and Jon met in high school and on her end, the relationship was passionate. She became obsessed with him and never really got over it, still writing songs about him occasionally. She recently published a book containing all of her old high school journals, with several pages referencing Jon vaguely. Candy is Jon's only American ex.

Claire Riley (deceased) credits: lang leav

Claire Riley was an accomplished photographer, poet, and visual artist. She had an affair with Jon from 2015 until 2019, when he broke up with her not knowing she was pregnant with their son. The two had a complicated relationship of drugs, sex, Claire's strange view of the world. She became infatuated with Jon as her muse sometime in 2016 and several of her more famous works are written about him. Claire committed suicide in November of 2020.